I’m fascinated by electronics, robotics, machines and code. With these four ingredients I make work that gives a new perspective on technologies. The works I make question these technologies on different levels. I question the function and moral impact of new technologies. What is a clock and how does it shape our live? Almost all new technologies are virtually hidden for our human senses, we don’t see how a AI works, nor do we see the satellites orbiting the earth. Nowadays every technologie is nicely packaged in a black box. In my work I open this box and make these technologies sensible and understandable.



Together with Ibo Ibelings and Hanneke Klaver we where part of the Todays Art festival in Den Haag (The Hague). We made Wifibles for the exhibition. Wifibles are small wearable devices that broadcast WiFi. We where using raspberry pi zero w’s for this project. The Pi’s where configured as access points and we wrote software to make it act as a captive portal. The Wifibles where used as carriers for video-work from Rebecca Fries and Aram Bartholl . When in range of the Wifible’s wifi-signal you could connect to the access point, then a video-piece was exhibited to you through the browser.
Link to the festival page —> todaysart
Even made the newspaper —> nrc

What is it like to be a Mouse
What is it like to be a Mouse is an installation that questions the implementation of smart- technologies in household items. The installation makes the visitor feel like a computer mouse by utilising a vr-headset and a real, working, computer mouse. This piece was in Hub-Berlin as well as in Spektrum Berlin. I worked on this piece together with So Kanno
Link to Hub-Berlin —> Hub Berlin
Link to Spektrum —> Spektrum Berlin


Gear Up
Part of the Gear Up expo at “Het nieuwe instituut” in Rotterdam. Exhibiting Sattrack
Link to the expo —> Het nieuwe instituut

Dutch Design Week 2018
Mating Dance was at DDW 2018
Link to the expo —> DDW18

Test 0 was at Kaalstaart
Link to festival —> Kaalstaart

Media Art Festival 2018
Mating Dance was at Media Art Festival 2018
Link to festival —> Media Art Festival

Arnhemse Nieuwe 2018
Talked about the design process of Artificial Sun and Mating Dance at Arnhemse Nieuwe
Link to event —> Arnhemse Nieuwe

Hendrik Valk Netwerkdag 2018
Was part of the Hendrik Valk Netwerkdag 2018
Link to event —> Hendrik Valk Netwerkdag

Worked on:
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mail: contact@jellereith.nl
tell: +31 654974901